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Filming France

Our team has just returned from nearly four weeks in France. We made presentations at the Paris Air Show, and filmed interviews and locations throughout the city and across the Western Front. Our mission was to capture a sense of place—that France herself is the main character of our film. France was the symbol of liberty the Escadrille pilots risked their lives to defend. So we went where they went: where they flew, fought, drank, prayed, died, and rest in peace. We captured the magnificent landscapes that inspired them and the still horrifically scarred battlefields they flew and fought over every day.

Beating the Paris heat

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Beating the Paris heat

Just as important, we met incredible people: the family of Lt. Alfred de Laage de Meaux, the beloved French second-in-command; Retired Armeé de l’Air generals, active duty officers, fighter pilots, and passionate French citizens, all of whom keep the legacy of the Escadrille alive. They invited us to their homes, showed us the sites, and invited us to the air bases.

We came home inspired and with a trove of footage – filmed in the air and on the ground. France remembers the Great War, and the sacrifices of the American volunteers. We’re honored to bring that feeling home.

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