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The Film



A century ago…

…38 Americans from every walk of life volunteered to fly in the First World War. It was their own idea—to fight in the skies to aid our oldest ally, France, long before the United States entered the war. They were willing to pay the ultimate price. They helped move their reluctant nation to ultimately join the Allies and enter the fight. They were the Lafayette Escadrille.

The Lafayette Escadrille, 1917

The non-profit Humanus Documentary Films Foundation is in production with a brand-new documentary about this legendary squadron. Our goal is the richest film treatment yet of this riveting and important story.

Our extensive research is ongoing, including our discoveries of previously unpublished manuscripts by Escadrille pilots, which shine new light on the story. The pilots’ own voices are the center of our film. Some thrived, others struggled, some failed. Many had been schoolmates before the war. Almost all served together in either the French Foreign Legion or Ambulance Corps before joining the Escadrille. Their bonds cut across class and wealth. Our research has also revealed strong female characters central to the story. Their voices bring feminine insight and perspective rarely seen in war films.

Our audiences will experience the thrills and terrors of WWI combat aviation like never before. The combination of modern 4K cameras, drones, full-scale replicas, and large scale models will allow all of our flying sequences to take place in the air— not the innards of a CGI computer. We will place the audience in the cockpit to experience the beauty of the clouds, the confusion of the dogfight, and the thrill of combat aerobatics.